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Some families know a great deal about their roots, while others know very little. This site is an attempt to record what we've learned about our family history. In these modern times, families tend to be scattered all over the country, if not the world. One of our goals for this web site is to help our family stay connected even though we live far apart.

On this site we'll provide some information about who we are and what inspired us to do this research. Most of our information was obtained from talking to and sharing family information with living relatives. Cathy has acquired many documents and gathered much information from researching public records. In the course of doing this research, we've made many friends and discovered we have many more relatives than ever thought possible!




This is a work in progress, so please contact us if you have any additional information you would like to share. Our hopes and dreams rest in our future generations, so we pray that one day our descendants can gain insite and an understanding of their heritage.


If you would like to view our photo albums, just follow the link below to enter our Family's "Gallery of Photos"



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